current care groups + classes

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Dec 6th Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Dec 5th Tuesday @ 10:00am


Jan. 10th – March 6th Wednesday @ 7:00

Jan. 24th – April 17th Wednesday @ 7:00pm


Every 2nd Sunday starting Feb 11th @ 6:30pm

This group will help you gain better tools to continue growing and strengthening your marriage. 

No registration needed.

Begins Early February 

A care group for women who have experienced physical, verbal, and emotional abuse to heal and find hope.

Email for more information. 

*Please note that we have taken precautions to ensure your safety by providing security during the time this group meets.

Jan. 16th – April 9th Tuesday @ 10:00am

Jan 9th – Mar 19th Tuesday @ 8:30am

Jan 11th – Mar 21st Thursday @ 8:30am

Jan. 10th – Feb. 14th Wednesday @ 9:00am

ONGOING - Please click on the class/group below to register online.


Saturdays @ 9:00am


No registration. Walk-ins welcome.

The First Tuesday of the Month @ 6:30 pm

Aug 30th – Oct 25th Wednesday  @ 7:00pm


Nov. 28th + Dec. 5th Tuesday @ 8:30am

 Nov 15th  Wednesday @ 10:00am

Nov 15th Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Aug 27th – Nov 14th Sundays @ 6:30pm


Oct. 13th – Nov. 17th 

Fridays @ 11:30am

Nov 8th Wednesday @ 7:00pm


Oct. 8th – Nov. 12th 

Sundays @ 9:00am