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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is “one-to-one” conversations where life’s challenging issues (grief, anger, divorce, discouragement, etc.) can be addressed. It provides biblically-based guidance for the purpose of healing, restoration, and living lives honoring to God, in a safe and caring environment. There is no cost to receive Spiritual Care and it is not considered professional therapy. If you are seeking to be cared for through our Care Ministry, please fill out the following registration form and you will be automatically registered. After registering, someone from our care department will be in contact with you.

*All information provided is private and secure, and you will also receive a copy of your responses for your own records.

*After you have completed your registration, please also complete the Consent Form below.

Wounded Hearts (Via Zoom)

This group begins on Tuesday, August 24th at 7:00pm for 13 weeks. Please join us as we create a safe place for healing from past sexual abuse.

Boundaries (In Person)

This group begins on Tuesday, August 31st at 9:00am to 10:15 for 8 weeks. Please join us as we understand how to set Godly limits .